Unsaved Progress (Collector's Edition)

Unsaved Progress (Collector's Edition)

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This is our latest full-length album, printed on Audio Disc and packaged in a signed video-game/Amaray case which features a limited edition trading card for the fastidious Double Experience collector!

The card includes access to 4 bonus tracks (two unreleased, two acoustic remixes), merch discounts and studio footage.

1. So Fine
2. AAA
3. The Glimmer Shot
4. See You Soon
5. Impasse
6. Exposure Exposure
7. Death of Lucidity
8. Godzilla
9. Weakened Warriors

Bonus Tracks:
1. Escort Mission
2. Goddamn Mimetic Business
3. So Fine (Acoustic)
4. Impasse (Acoustic)

We also give you the option if you want this record signed (free of course). If you would like us to personalize/address the signatures to a specific name, please email info@2xxp.com after your order.